A World Class Resort

Boralea – A World Class Resort. The island of Boralea in the South Island, New Zealand is part of the exclusive Wairarapa region. It is a favoured destination for those who love to enjoy active holidays and it also appeals to yacht owners for its beautiful turquoise waters and excellent surfing. The island is popular for a number of reasons such as that it is in close proximity to an interesting place called 07 Jolly Barrier, famous for the fact that it has the 07 Jolly stage with regularity chosen by many of the professional surfers in the area. In addition to this, the island hosts the Dakar Rally and Car Festival as well as being a regular Surfers Paradise hotel – ideal for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

Dakar Rally and Car Festival:The Dakar Rally and Car Festival is held each year on the 13th February and is a multi-venue event that includes motor biking, moped and 4 wheel drive vehicles. It also includes a Bach Festival. The event is hosted by Dakar Tourist Information Center at Hotel Expozesta Ibiza. The event is primarily for visitors from South Africa, but visitors from elsewhere can gain access through flights to Dakar from Cape Town or Johannesburg. It is also a seasonal event, making it attractive to visitors all year round. Signals Tower:Thesignals tower is also known as Cape Town’s Tower or Table Mountain Tower. It was completed in 1939 and is also South Africa’s highest tower.

The tower was constructed to signal the approach of the Cape fur seal in the area. The tower then Diamond Naturalist bought the land in order to protect breeding colonies of fur seals. The tower then became a shelter for the local curlew flock. The tower then began its journey through time as it was constructed and600 tons of copper wire was inserted into the tower along with 20 tons of wire wrapped around a 1,500 meter tower. The tower then had a 5 meter tall brass bell hung from the top, representing the time it was first placed in the harbour.

The Months of Surfing: December Shower season has arrived in Cape Town and it is one of the most significant months for the Cape as it signals the onset of the summer in Cape Town. This metamorphosis took place naturally, although the conditions for surfing in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, are ideal. conditions are good for anyone from beginner to expert. Beginners can choose from one of the many surfing schools to learn the sport.

Not only the surfing conditions but conditions of the ocean itself are also ideal. The winter months bring swells with authority that are visible even though they are shallower than in the summer months. As a matter of fact, the area Oceanarium in Hout Bay has the largest underwater canyon on the planet. But this does not deter the frequent surfers from enjoying the best waves on the planet.

Top surfers from around the globe visit the Cape every year to enjoy the waves that expire in December. XVI Annual Black River Pro-Am event in April clocks more than 100 riders including organizers, riders and expert riders. Winter hopeful:ks is an alternative option for the winter crowd but it is certainly worth considering. The region’s minimum temperatures are around -5 to -9 degrees and it is the best time to surf. The waves are long lasting with various waves to enjoy. And at only 2,500 square meters, the subtropical climate is not craggy like in the summer.

The Cape South Coast:a diverse blend of sun-filled adventure and world class 5 star accommodation. Just a 26 hours flight from Cape Town or a 2 and a half hour flight from Pretoria (Tsw with the closed airplane) the Cape South Coast is the perfect place to visit during your stay in Cape Town.

The Cape is an interesting blend of history, culture and 5 star 5299 superb apartment and hotel accommodation. steps away from the beach in the heart of the Cape Winelands, or just a two hour drive away from the V & A Waterfront, Cape Town offers a variety of attractions and sights to suit even the most discriminating traveler.

Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, spelunking, leopard trekking, and hitch hiking are some of the adventurous activities one can engage in in the Cape.

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