Moving home in Sydney

man in a van with box

Using a man in a van to move home in Sydney

If you’ve ever moved, then you’ll know it’s a long and rather stressful process that involves packing your entire house into a flat-bed truck, driving for almost two hours and unpacking in your new home. If you’ve ever moved to a house that’s bigger than you’re used to (it’s very rare) then you’ll know what an entirely new range of emotions you’re faced with. To say the least, the words “I’m going to miss this house” weren’t going to be enough to prepare me for this move. Yes, there was a lot of sadness, panic and fussing, but I really enjoyed my time living in our first house. It was beautiful and comfortable and it gave us the chance to be together as a family in a lovely environment.

There were plenty of ups and downs with the house in Sydney. On the plus side, I could walk to work in ten minutes and I could always find a nice piece of fruit and juice to enjoy before leaving for the day. When we bought this house in 2015, I had just started a new job, we’d just got the baby into daycare and things were settling into a routine. That was the time when we decided to move to Sydney. My husband was moving back into the city to move into the house he grew up in and we were going to be a family of three, living happily together in the house where my husband had lived with his parents when he was a child. We are still living in our house in Sydney, but the time to move out and get a bigger house is upon us. The best way for us to do this would be contact a man in a van.

When looking for a professional removalist you must ensure they are AFRA certified company.

My husband is starting a new job in Sydney and we’ll be leaving our beautiful home in the middle of the bush. If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know that it’s been difficult to have a look around and figure out where you’ll be living. That’s my worry at the moment. What will we do with the extra space? Will we stay in the house we’re in now? Will we buy another house nearby? Will we get a small flat or one of those small houses in the city? I’m sure we’ll figure it out eventually, but until then, I’ll be worrying about removals, moving and leaving the house behind. I feel like that’s all I’ve done lately. My husband has been busy getting his new house ready to move into, and I’ve been preparing the house to move into.

I’ve moved a lot in my life, as my husband has moved a lot in his, so I thought I’d be able to help him move out and he’d take care of moving into the new house. Unfortunately, I’m the one who’s taking care of things. There are things he has to get done in his new house, but I can’t really get in there to do them because he’ll have to wait for the removals.


man in a van with box

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